Three Reasons To Start a Vending Business!

The vending business offers a very real profit opportunity for entrepreneurs. Though there are some landmines, obstacles, and potential issues in the business (like any business), vending offers the chance for individuals to start and operate a small business without too much effort or money. According to Ms Clark, a spokeswoman for the Chicago-based company, as reported in the Christian Science Monitor, more than 100 million Americans drop some money in vending machines every day.

These are 3 good reasons to get started.

Easy Operation.

Running a business is never easy, but getting in to the vending business is fairly simple and operating the business is not very complex. Yes, it does take work – every business takes work – but the business is straight-forward and the set up is relatively simple. If you can space your machines in close proximity to your office and each other, it will be even easier to attend to all your machines for restocking and collecting money. Though repairs can be a bit complicated if you don’t think of yourself as handyman (or woman), but the basics of vending repair can be easily learned and you can pay someone to do larger repairs. No business can safely be called easy but the vending business is relatively easy compared to other types of businesses.


You can own vending machines on the side as a part-time venture or your can make it your full time gig. You can own one machine or dozens of machines. You can choose to sell traditional items, such as potato chips, soda, and candy; or you can choose to sell healthy snacks. You can even choose non-food items, such as movie rentals, toys, or sundry goods. You can chose to place your own machines in locations, have the distributor place them, or use the services of a vending machine locator service. Having your machines placed by a service will cost you some up front money, but if you select a reputable and experienced vending placement service, you will reap the benefits of their extensive knowledge of the industry and your local area. Owning profitable vending equipment is all about location – having the right locations may not guarantee success, but the wrong locations will almost guarantee failure!

Financially Lucrative.

Do people lose money with vending machines? Like any business, with the potential for reward comes risk. No business is 100 percent guaranteed. However, if you purchase the right machines, stock them with popular products, and secure excellent locations with good traffic, success is bound to happen. For many people, it is best to start out on a part-time basis with one or two machines. As these start to make a profit, additional machines can be purchased. The vending business is not a get-rich-quick scheme, so don’t expect to be rolling in dough in the first month, but the potential for substantial profit exists if you purchase the right machines and place them in the right locations.